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Email Setting Up:
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Quick Tutorials

Microsoft Outlook 2000 for Windows 2000
- How to activate an e-mail account.

1. To open Microsoft Outlook for Windows 2000

Click Start, point to All Programs, and then click Microsoft Outlook 2000. This is the default location where Microsoft Outlook 2000 is found.

2. Click On the Tools menu, (this can be found on the top left hand corner between Favorites and Actions), and then click Accounts.

3. Click Add (Which will open a small tag to the right of it), and then click Mail.

4. An Internet Connection Wizard will appear.

a) Insert your name (The name you want to appear in the form field of an outgoing message, not provided by Perfect Online Solution).

Click Next.

5. Insert your FULL e-mail address, the one provided by Perfect Online Solutions. Click Next.

6. Define your incoming mail server by clicking the Down curser and choosing from the following options. Click on the option you want when it is highlighted.

a) POP3 - stands for (Post Office Protocol 3). This is an address used to receive e-mails from your mail server (provided by Perfect Online Solution). This is the most commonly used option.

b) IMAP - stands for (Internet Message Access Protocol). This works in the same fashion as POP3, it depends on as to which on of these two you operate under.

c) HTTP - stands for (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). With this option you cannot send e-mails, and the following instructions do not relate if this option is chosen.

7. Once you have entered your Incoming mail server, you also need to enter the Outgoing mail (SMPT) server. There are two common possibilities of doing that.

a) If Outgoing mail (SMPT) server details are provided by Perfect Online Solution: You just need to enter it in the text box for Outgoing mail (SMPT) server.

b) If you are advised by Perfect Online Solution to use the Outgoing mail (SMPT) server provided by your local internet service provider. Please ask your internet service provider the name of your Outgoing mail (SMPT) and enter that in the text box for Outgoing mail (SMPT) server.

C) Click Next once you have entered the Outgoing mail (SMPT) server.

. Finally enter your Account Name i.e. your FULL email address and Password (both provided by Perfect Online Solutions). Please note that the passwords are case sensitive.

9. Click Next

10. Select Connect using my phone line if you are using a modem, or appropriate Internet connection. Click Next.

11. Select Use an existing dial-up connection. Click Next.

12. Click Finish.

13. Double-click your account in the Mail Accounts list.

14. In the box appearing, click on the Servers tab.

15. Once in Servers check the box next to My server requires authentication and click the Settings button.

16. Select Use same settings as my incoming mail server.
Click the OK button.

17. Click OK again.
18. Your new e-mail account is now set up ready for receiving and sending e-mails. Good luck!
Researched & Edited By: Shoneet K. Prasad
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