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In addition to the website design, development and online administration, we can assist you to arrange the most suitable website hosting, register your domain name, face lift existing websites, design business logo and bring product catalogue online, etc.

These services tailored together make us a significant Internet support team to assist developing an effective business presence on Internet to target your desired audience.
1) Developing business websites
2) Registering your domain name
3) Arranging most suitable hosting.
4) Website face-lifting
5) Designing business logo
6) Product catalogue online

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1) Developing business websites that are effective

If one thing had to define what makes Contact Perfect Online Solutions different from most website developers is our dedication in providing a range of packages at an affordable price. We will work closely with you to design a custom e-business website, keeping in mind each business has its own specific needs, goals and expectations.

We at
Contact Perfect Online Solutions take care and are aware of your needs and have packages that are especially designed for the needs of small and medium businesses.

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2) Registering your domain name

A domain name (www.yourbusiness.com) is your identity on the Internet, signifying your business name on the Internet. No two parties can have identical domain names and remain exclusive to that owner. The domain name should be unique for every business and remain simple to remember, as it is how your customers will remember you and find you amongst the millions of other websites on the Internet.

Your domain constitutes of letters and/or digits, and must be registered at a suitable registrar. Many registrars are unjustifiably expensive. Contact Perfect Online Solutions will also assist and take care to register your domain name for you with a suitable registrar at an affordable price.

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3) Arranging most suitable hosting

Other than registering your own domain name for your business, your website must be placed on an Internet server (known as website host). These servers work to place your website on the Internet for users to access.

There are thousands of hosting servers around the World that all perform the same basic job; however all do not provide high quality performance. It is important to choose the right server that will provide optimum performance at all times.

What differentiates a good server from a poor server is the speed and capacity at which they run. The best server will maintain your website at a fast speed. If you have a server that is over loaded or downloads your web pages at a slower speed, Internet visitors will definitely not bother for long waiting download completion.

Contact Perfect Online Solutions will assist you in arranging hosting for your website with a well performing server, at an affordable price. We continuously monitor numerous hosting servers and choose the ones that are reliable, handle dynamic pages properly, provide optimal security and offer several other extras required for better website functions.

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  4) Face-lifting existing website

If your business has an existing website that is not reflecting the image you want for your business; Contact Perfect Online Solutions can rebuild and transform your current website or do a complete makeover, by adding design elements that will bring it to life and make it cut above the rest.

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5) Designing business logos

Your customers need to be able to differentiate your business from others, and a logo along with your business name will give an image branding statement. This logo will always be residing on your website and business stationary . Contact Perfect Online Solutions designs high quality logos that is sophisticated, up to date design, and will reflect what your business is about.

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6) Product catalogue online

Beyond serving as mere Internet presence, a website can be made dynamic and interactive. It can feature the important element of displaying your product catalogue online. All businesses today make every effort to use every opportunity to showcase their products to potential customers.

By having a product catalogue online (available worldwide, 24/7), your customers can anywhere and anytime get the instant virtual tour of the products or services you offer.

Product catalogue online is a multi media graphic activity, that will give potential customers visiting your site all the information they require in order to turn them into buyers.

A website catalogue is considered as the most effective way of detailed advertising today, not forgetting the cheapest form of advertising, too. More importantly, an online catalogue is the practical, time saving alternative allowing you to instantaneously upgrade, delete or add to the product showcase, without having to spend extra money!

Printed glossy catalogues cost thousands of dollars a year to produce and update as product inventory keeps changing, not to mention having to spend time and effort to distribute them, most of the time never to reach your potential target customers.

If you choose so, Contact Perfect Online Solutions will innovate your website to feature a high quality graphical interface that will display the selected or all products you want online as a colour photo gallery. It would include descriptions, specifications and prices of every product on display.

Your full product catalogue can be indexed and presented via a backend database. Online order forms will allow users to select products from the catalogue and add them to their virtual shopping baskets and place orders through the Internet.

We also create CD ROM catalogues professionally designed to consist of an organized archive of your products. CD ROM catalogues are beneficial for your business; as you can distribute copies of your catalogue on one CD to your wholesalers or customers. Ease of viewing is another advantage. Modifications such as additions, deletions, of product and pictures to the colour photo gallery can also be done without the hassle of producing an entire new catalogue!

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